Thursday, October 11, 2012

Focus - Australian Super Powers

G'Day Mates!
Today I will be focusing on the Australian/New Zealand Super Powers foreign release.

In sever other toy lines, some of the foreign releases exhibit the same figure and cardback as USA or Canadian release toys, but with some regional differences.   These reginal differences are then accounted for by placing a sticker on the USA or Canadian cardback, and released on those areas.  In our case, the Austrialian/New Zealand Kenner Super Powers release exhibits a particular sticker, always placed on a Canadian Cardback.

What offer do you ask?  Well.. the lucky children of USA and Canada were able to send in some money and proof of purchases to Kenner to obtain some of the following:
  • Superman Cape
  • Clark Kent Figure
  • Steppenwolf Figure and Darkseid Record
  • Poster
However, the children of Australia and New Zealand were apparently are not offered these, and instead of creating a specific offer less cardback, Kenner placed stickers on the cardbacks to let these unfortunate kids know they cant take part.  I suspect Kenner did this to cut down costs, since these guys were produced in Mexico or Hong Kong, placing a sticker on the cardback was easier to do than to create offerless cardbacks for the Aussies.

Lucky for us collectors. this gives us a new foreign release to collect, even though they are Canadian cardbacks with a sticker applied!

Currently, only 5 different characters have surfaced with this special sticker applied:
  • Red Tornado
  • Desaad
  • Hawkman
  • Darkseid
  • Robin
Several examples of both Red Tornado and Desaad have surfaced over the years and in 2012 Darkseid and Robin were officially entered as two new examples to the Australian/New Zealand Release.

As of now, the Austrialian releases are my most sought after foreign releases... Most ask why.. and I cant give a good answer.  I loathe the Canadian cardbacks, but for some reason that little sticker on the back (or the front in the Darkseids case), makes me want to have it.  I have always had a yearning to travel to or even live in Australia,  and that coupled with one of my best buddies in grad school being from that wonderful place, gives me a special affinity to want to collect this specific foreign series (even though it is a sticker on a measly Canadian cardback!).

Below are the two pieces currently in my collection (I am still happily hunting the others).  Both pieces were purchased off eBay.   I was lucky enough to discover the Robin figure on eBay Australia, and it is the only known (to date) example to surface.

Also you will notice the Aussie flag on my Red Tornado picture...  I use cases from Zoloworld to store my carded pieces (and hang them on the wall).  Since the sticker is on the back of the card, I like to know from the front these are Aussie pieces, so I have cutouts of the Aussie flag sitting inside the case to let me know... Thanks and enjoy!

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